New Windows 10 UWP App in Developing

A great new Windows 10 Universal App will coming soon 🙂 The technical base is completed and the app is already working very well but the GUI needs some finishing. Stay tuned...


Birthday Hub 4.4 for Windows 10 is released

v4.4 is fresh in the Windows Store. Here is the changelog: On the settings page is the new switch "Always show future events on the Live Tile" in the Live Tile section. This returns the live tile behaviour of the version before 4.3 as option. The menu entry "Synchronize" in the main menu gives you … Continue reading Birthday Hub 4.4 for Windows 10 is released

Birthday Hub with some improved icons

Birthday Hub is in the certification process for the Windows Store. I have improved some icons and logos. White eagle on white background in the Windows Store is fixed and the reminders have the new icon with text. The english translation is also improved. Update: It's published to the Windows Store 🙂 Download now