English Cryp2pass Tutorial

*** Cryp2pass is no longer available in the Windows Store for new users ***

Cryp2pass is a two-way-password-manager for Windows Phone 7.

You can use Cryp2pass like any other password manager or as on demand password manager. Account data from Web pages, credit card information, debit cards, notes, etc., can be freely defined. Groups and fields for the entries can also be defined. The database is AES256 encrypted. Thus you always can take along your sensitive data with you on your smartphone.

Explanation of the password options:

The one way

With the button “New Entry” on the panaorama home page “accounts” you can create a new entry and add the desired fields including a field called password or pin or something similar. You can also choose a template here. In this case you can ignore the slider for the password length. Of course you can create an other group by clicking on “New Group” if the group “accounts” should be inappropriate. Once all required fields are added press the button “Save” with the floppy icon at the bottom of the screen.

The other way:

Protecting passwords without saving them but always have them available. How does it work then. It’s pretty simple. Only if you need a password it will be calculated by using reference fields and a master password. At first glance, this procedure may look a bit complicated, but it only has a little difference to the first way of password protection.

Now you need the slider for the password length to set the required length of your new password. Furthermore you need a secret master password which you have to remember. You need only one master password for using with all your entries/accounts. An entry field named password is not necessary because it will be generated later. If you have saved your new entry you can go to view mode of the new entry

and swipe to the “Generate” page.

Here you can enter your master password into the bottom editbox and press the button “Generate” to calculate your password for this entry. Go to the website or whatever this entry is for and change your password to the cryp2pass generated password in the upper textbox. The passwords in the two textbox will never be saved in the Cryp2pass database. If you enter the master password for an other entry then the generated password for that entry will be an other then for this entry.

Warning: Never forget your master password. It can’t become recovered. And never change your self defined and the default reference fields if you don’t want to change the generated password for an entry. The default reference fields are Title, Description and Creationdate.

If you want to change the password for an account then change the creationdate for the equivalent entry in edit mode.  Go to generate as before enter your master password and the generated password will be an other then before.

I hope you like this app.


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