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Here you can download the free trial version of Birthday Hub

Hier können sie die kostenlose Testversion von Birthday Hub herunterladen


Cryp2pass Backup and Restore Service for Windows and XML Export Tool

Click the link below and then select the Cryp2pass folder where you can download the small Server wich is required to backup the Cryp2pass Database or the XML Export Tool.

After downloading or from the Cryp2pass folder in my SkyDrive you can unzip it to any folder of your choice.

You also need the latest Version of Microsoft .Net and Silverlight. Most of you will already have installed it. The server is tested on Vista and 7.

Backup Service
You have to start the C2pBackupService.exe as Administrator. If you do not have admin rights then right click C2pBackupService.exe and choose “Run as admin” form the context menu.

If you have any issues to sync by WLAN, then please connect your WP7 Device by USB and try it again. An USB connection gives the best results.

Don’t add the full server address to the ip-port-editfield in Cryp2pass, you only need to add the server ip-address and the port which is shown separately in the second field (IP Address and Port) of the Server to the editfield at the config page. For example

You can change the target folder if you like. The path will now be saved since v 1.1.

XML Export Tool
Be carefull: The XML Export Tool will save your data unprotected in your selected location. Only use it on your own and virus and malware checked PC. It is not secure to store the unprotected data on any location. Be carefull.
1. Make a database backup with the Backup and Restore Service to your PC
2. Select the encrypted Cryp2pass Database from your backup location with the “Select File” button
3. Enter your password into the “Password” field
4. Open the database with the “Open Database” button
5. Now you see the unprotected data in XML format and you can view the data.
6. Save your unprotected data by clicking the “Save to XML File” button. It will open a dialog to select a directory and filename where you want to save your unprotected data.
7. Delete the unprotected XML file as soon as possible from your hard drive or where else you have saved it.


The “Do not convert special XML chars” checkbox is good for the human eye but will bring trouble if you want to import it to an program. It’s a good choice to leave it unchecked.


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