The “Synchronize” menu (only W10 and W10M ) will synchronize your custom anniversaries which you did add inside of Birthday Hub by the Add anniversary menu to and from your OneDrive on demand. If you have another device with Birthday Hub installed, you can also use the synchronize function to sync it with the data you have synchronized before.

The sync does not delete any entries, it only updates your local entries and adds new entries.

First, sign-in to your OneDrive using the Sign in button. This enables the Synchronize button. The login process works via the so-called OAuth procedure. This means that the login process runs directly through Microsoft’s OneDrive or your Microsoft account and Birthday Hub does not know your login data (username and password).

The Synchronization will be started with the Synchronize button. This does save your anniversaries in your OneDrive and imports them at the same time. The latest anniversaries does win and missing anniversaries will be added.

It’s a push and pull solution. It can only pull what was pushed before to the OneDrive

Example: If you add Bob on your PC and Sarah on your phone:

  1. PC -> sync -> Bob -> Onedrive
    => Bob is on Onedrive
  2. Phone -> sync -> pull Bob, push Sarah <-> Onedrive
    => Bob is on your phone and Sarah is on your onedrive
  3. PC -> sync -> pull Sarah <- Onedrive
    => Sarah is on your PC
  4. Result: Bob and Sarah are on both devices

The sync doesn’t delete any entries, it only adds new entries or does update changed entries. If you make changes, please use the same steps.

Why this function, the data already have been synced before? Yes they have, but often with a very long delay and the auto sync has a limitation at the file size and the custom contact images won’t be synced. This function also will sync the images and has no amount limitations.

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