Hide entries

Hide anniversaries

Navigate to the “Upcoming anniversaries” by the main menu.

  1. Click the button next to the search field to set the list to the selection mode.
  2. Now the button for hiding entries should be appeared left of the selection mode button and the list does show checkboxes left of each entrie.
  3. Check the checkboxes at all entries which you want to hide
  4. Click the hide button right of the search field to hide all selected entries

birthday_hub_hide_enClick here to enlarge the screenshot

The hidden entries are now in the list “Hidden anniversaries” and from now on they won’t be displayed on the Live Tile and no reminder will be raised for their events.

Restore hidden entries

Select the menu entrie “Hidden anniversaries” in the main menu to show the hidden entries and restore them like described at “Hide anniversaries”.

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