Birthday Hub Tutorial (english)

Birthday Hub does help you to keep track of your contacts birthdays and anniversaries, and to keep your calendar clean. With this app you can manage birthdays and anniversaries.

The app does not only remind you on todays birthday, it also reminds you about missed anniversaries on previous days if your PC or notebook was off on the day of the anniversary. In this situation the calendar doesn’t break the silence.

The Windows 10 version is a universal app (UWP) running on nearly all Windows 10 devices, notebooks, desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets and HoloLens. The app imports all birthdays and anniversaries from your Contacts app. if e.g. Facebook or LinkedIn is linked to your contacts app, the birthdays and anniversaries will be  imported too. However, you can also include various types of birthdays and anniversaries in the app, e.g. wedding days. As soon as anniversaries are within the next days, you will be informed on the Live Tile of the app and with notification dialogues. You can also be reminded in advance.

If you lose the overview of important appointments in your calendar because it is flooded with birthdays, you can separate the birthdays from your calendar, and you will not forget any birthdays any more and your calendar becomes clean again.


Features of the details view

Add anniversaries

Delete anniversaries

Hide entries

Restore hidden entries


Data backup


Facebook iCalendar Export of your friends birthdays on your PC or tablet

iCalendar import (i. e. birthdays of your Facebook friends) on your PC or tablet

How to add facebook birthdays on your phone

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