Add anniversaries

Birthday Hub can not only import birthdays and anniversaries from the Windows Contacts app. You can also manage anniversaries in the app.

Select the menu item Add Anniversary from the main menu to go to the page for adding anniversaries.

On this page you can add birthdays, wedding dayss, civil partnerships, name days, deathdays and other anniversaries of your choice.

Under Anniversary Type, choose what kind of anniversary you want to create. If you select Other, you have to enter a description for the type.

The fields Firstname, Lastname or Full name must be filled in for all anniversary types. The Full name field is filled automatically when you enter the firstname and lastname.

If you do not know the year of the anniversary, or you do not need it, you can check the checkbox next to Year unknown or not required.

You can add an image to the anniversary or use the default image. To add an image, click Select picture (at the top of the page), then select the desired image from your image collection. This will open a dialoge for selecting and cropping an image.

If you no longer want to use an already selected image, you can click Reset to default picture to reuse the app’s default image for the selected anniversary type.

All other fields should be self-explanatory and do not have to be filled out. But if you add data to the other fields, additional features will be available in the detail view of the anniversaries, after saving them for some fields. For example sending an email or calling a contact from Birthday Hub.

Once you have collected all the data, click on the disk icon to save the new anniversary.

So added anniversaries can also be changed later. To do this, select the anniversary you want to change in one of the overview lists, and then click on the pencil icon in the detail view of the anniversary.

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