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  1. I have a question regarding Cryp2pass. I had the full version on my Samsung focus. Version, Full Version… I just got a new phone (Nokia Lumia 900) and when I tried to reinstall the app from the Microsoft Marketplace, it only gives me the option to “try now” or Buy. It is not allowing me to download the full version that I already had. Please let me know how I can keep the full version. Thank you

    1. If your live id is the same like on your Focus then you can press the buy button. If the marketplace does detect that you allready bought the app it will show you an install button, otherwise it will show you another buy button. With the install button you can reinstall the app with no costs.

  2. Hello,

    I have tried cryp2pass and bought it a short while I tried it out. Really well done! Especially the password generation feature. I had searched right that.

    But now I do not only possess a Windows Phone but also a Windows 8 Pro PC and a Surface-RT. And of course I would like to use your app here too to be able to access the same database on all three devices for my passwords.

    So my question now: do you intend to port your cryp2pass app to Windows 8/RT too?

    Thanks for your app, and

    Best Regards.

    1. Hello chi,

      because the market share of RT is very small i currently don’t have any plans to make a port to it. For Windows 8 at this time i can only say “it’s not impossible”. But my time currently is very limited and Birthday Hub does have a higher priority because it is one of the top Windows Phone Apps in the category “Tools and Productivity” in the german WP Marketplace. I have some Ideas for new features for Birthday Hub which have to be done first.

      Although Cryp2pass does have mostly 4 or 5 stars it is not so easy to bring it to the users focus. If the downloads will get a big boost the developing of new features will get a boost too. So i don’t think that i can realise a Windows 8 port in this year. I’m really sorry that i can’t give you a better answer. But as long as i need Cryp2pass for myself it won’t die.


  3. Hello Holger,

    thank you for your detailed response. I can understand your reasoning. If there would be a version for Windows 8, and if this version would be a Metro-App, I guess it should be able to run under Windows-RT as well without any change, wouldn’t it?

    But as you have currently no plans, would be a chance to explain the format of your DB? How it is crypted and how the records are stored and passwords generated? Perhaps then I would be able to write some tool to convert such a DB to readable text for instance, to ensure, that whenever the app cryp2pass die, my passwords wouldn’t be gone as well. Or if e.g. I switch to another phone like e.g. an Ubuntu smartphone … 😉

    Thanks for consideration and help,

    1. Hello chi,

      don’t understand me wrong…i don’t have any plans to let Cryp2pass die. Only the devoloping is currently a litte slow. And yes, i can describe the format but i need some time to make it. I’m more thinking about a DLL or an export as decrypted text or xml function, because the format is quite difficult to use. The objects are saved binary because it has the best performance and every object can save itself. To open the source maybe is another option. Please give me some time to think about the best solution.


    1. Hi chi,

      the export tool is published but i switched form CSV to XML format. Take a look at At the bottom of the page you will find a small step by step tutorial but i think the program is self explaining. Be carefull with your data if you store it unprotected on your hdd.


  4. Trying to select all entries in the Birthday Hub to copy and paste into a page and print it off to collect missing information and then edit the text later. How do you print off the file?

    1. Unfortunately that‘s not supported at the moment. As workaround you could open a backup file (.dat) on your Onedrive with an editor…it‘s in xml format. But it contains only the custom anniversaries added in the app.

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