Bithday Hub 5.4 is published to the Windows Store

Birthday Hub 5.4 is ready to download.

What’s new:

There is a new list that is grouped by zodiac signs.

There is a new feature for importing iCalendar data for the desktop and tablet version. The function is mainly intended for importing birthdays of your Facebook friends, but it can also be used for third-party iCal files (*.ics). But it’s only tested with Facebook. If there are problems with the import of another iCal file, I would be very happy about an info by e-mail. Since Facebook can be linked with the Contacts app on W10M devices, this function currently is not available for W10M.

A description for exporting the Facebook birthdays is available in Birthday Hub’s online help and there also is a video tutorial for the iCal import…I hope it is useful.

In addition, a few small bugs are fixed and the memory requirements are significantly optimized for large amounts of data.

Enjoy 🙂

Click the Windows Store badge to download the free version:
Get it on Windows 10


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