Birthday Hub: Version 5.4 is uploaded to the Windows Store

After many hours of developing version 5.4 of Birthday Hub is in the certification process for the Windows Store and I’m currently writing the tutorial for the new iCalendar import for the W10 desktop and tablet version. The tutorial for the export of your Facebook friends birthday as iCal file is already completed.

If you want to be ready for the import of your facebook friends birthdays when v5.4 is published you can already follow the steps of the Facebook export tutorial.

I hope I will have the import tutorial completed when v5.4 is published. But I hope it is good explained in the app. Please follow exactly the 4 steps of the iCal import option as described in the app. I will try to make a video tutorial within the next days, in english and in german if my microphone is good enough for that. But please don’t await a professional video 😉 because I’ve never made a video tutorial before.

The iCal import is a workaround because, as you probably know, it is not possible to link facebook birthdays to the Contacts app on W10 for desktop and tablet devices. This is a great feature only available on W10M devices and that’s the reason why the iCal import is only available on W10 devices without the M.

You can also import other iCal data than the facebook data but it is not tested. And you can edit the imported contacts as any other custom anniversaries you added in Birthday Hub. You can add pictures, change every field or you can delete them if you don’t need them anymore.

A further new feature in v5.4 is a new list grouped by zodiac signs for all W10 devices. It was a user request like the iCal import. Thanks for the very good ideas 🙂 and a special thanks to the translators for their good job 🙂

I hope you will like this new update for Birthday Hub.

Enjoy 🙂


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