Birthday Hub: New version coming soon

In a few days a new version of Birthday Hub will be released. The new version will have a new zodiac sign list and an iCal import.

With the iCal import you can i.e. import the birthdays of your facebook friends, or another social network which supports iCal export, to Birthday Hub on your PC or tablet. This feature is useful because you can’t connect your facebook app on PCs with the contacts app and it looks like facebook isn’t planing it for the future. On Windows Phones you don’t need this feature because you can connect the facebook app to the contacts app and Birthday Hub will import them automatically if you have connected them.

As most of you know, facebook doesn’t support a direct import by pulling facebook birthday data with their API anymore. So this is a workaround for this issue.

A howto for downloading your facebook data as an iCal file will coming soon to the Birthday Hub tutorial. It’s a little tricky.

Stay tuned.

Get it on Windows 10



Here are some screenshots (click the images to enlarge):


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