Birthday Hub 4.4 for Windows 10 is released

v4.4 is fresh in the Windows Store.

Here is the changelog:

On the settings page is the new switch “Always show future events on the Live Tile” in the Live Tile section. This returns the live tile behaviour of the version before 4.3 as option.

The menu entry “Synchronize” in the main menu gives you the possibility to synchronize your events over different devices via OneDrive (only in the full version).

The menu entry “Refresh” imports the events from the Contacts App without a restart of Birthday Hub.

There also is a new help menu which opens the online help. The online help will be regularly updated.

Minor bugfixes

From now on the newest update infos will always be on the info page.

Download now


3 thoughts on “Birthday Hub 4.4 for Windows 10 is released

  1. Hello…
    My Birthday Hub app on my PC will not save/remember any “notes” or “address” information anymore. It did previously. Can you help me with this?

    1. Hello Vince, I have verified it and you are right. The fields suddenly send the change event only if you set the focus to another input field. Thanks for the information. I will try to fix it as soon as possible. As workaround please change the focus to another field after you did input new data and before you click on save. Happy holidays.

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