Birthday Hub 4.2 for Windows 10 is released

The new universal (UWP) version of Birthday Hub for Windows 10 is published to the Windows Store. The store description is waiting for the the update, but if you initiate the download you will get the new 4.2.

First of all the app has a new logo and live tile icon now. It’s a modern icon driven by simplicity. I hope you like it.

If you did have an issue while the app was starting, please give it a new try. The issue should be fixed now.

The OneDrive login is completely new coded. If you are one of the few users who did have a login issue, please try it again with 4.2.

The custom contacts you added inside the app have a new field for notes like birthday gifts or anything else you want remember for the contact. For contacts from the People App the notes field will be released in one of the next updates because i currently have some issues with the synchronisation between different devices.

Most of the other new features are focused to the PC desktop/notebook version but if you turn off your smartphone sometimes, you will also benefit of the following new features.

If you are using the app in your office, it is most likely that your PC is running at the remind time that you set at the Birthday Hub settings page. But if you are a home user and your PC often isn’t running at the remind time or it is off for a few days, it was quite possible that you missed a reminder because Windows does remove older reminders automatically. It’s a good feature but maybe it was a deal-breaker for some users. With the new version it’s no problem anymore.

If you login to your PC the app will show a toast notification with a message about missed anniversaries, if there is at least one missed anniversary. And the app also will always show a toast notification with a summary with the anniversaries of the day. Usefull if you login to your PC before the remind time. If you fall asleep on your keyboard 😉 and you waked up again, it also shows the toast notification and it will stay in your message center. So the chance to miss an anniversary is absolutely minimised.

If you don’t need the new notifications, please wait a few weeks until i have update the settings page with switches for enabling and disabling the new notifications. Please give me about 3 weeks until it will be released.

Thanks for your feedback and your great reviews in the Windows Store.

Enjoy and have a great experience with Windows 10 and Birthday Hub.

Download now

Update: Due to an issue with to many notifications on smartphones the app shows the summary notification only once a day in Version So you should not fall asleep on your keyboard until it is more configurable in a next update. Version is in the certification process and should be available soon. Sorry for the issue on your smartphones.

And if you have an issue with the OneDrive login after the update, please restart your phone.


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