Birthday Hub W10 Universal released


Good news: The universal Windows 10 version is certified for the Windows Store.

Birthday Hub for Windows 10 does support Continuum and does synchronize the data you added inside the app with all W10 Devices with the same Windows Live Id where the app is installed.

You can also import the data from the W10 version to the WP8.1 version via the OneDrive Backup (only in the full version).

You can install Birthday Hub for Windows 10 on your Windows 10 Mobile Phone, on your Tablet and on your Desktop PC.

It is a free upgrade if you already bought the WP8.1 Version. If you like the app and you would like to support further development by buying the full version you will get it for up to 10 devices, your W10 Tablet, your Windows 10 Mobile Phone and your Desktop PC.

The trial version does have some small limitations but the main features are full functioning.

Download now


3 thoughts on “Birthday Hub W10 Universal released

  1. I am writing again (this time in English and not in German which is so so) as I purchased your application. I think you have one of the best birthday app of all the Store and I tried manies.
    But for me, one major point that really is almost a dealbreaker is on the Live Tile : if the contact have no picture, the Live Tile is alterning from a transparent tile with text (good) to a empty picture of someone face white on grey background (not good !!!).
    It makes the tile jumping out of all the other and is really ugly. This is really I think a major point that should be modified : would it be possible to have the picture of the contact displayed and if not, just have always the transparent (or the app icon) displayed alternatively to the text ?

    See picture :!315388&authkey=!AK_QyBbwrvJXrvA&v=3&ithint=photo%2cpng

    It would really be a major improvement as those type of application makes really sense when you can see at first glance from the start screen if you have a birthday. But this is so ugly that you are not using the Live Tile, it defeats its purpose.

    Hope my suggestion could be taken into account because then, I could really recommend 200% this application as the best one in town and to my friends / family with Windows phones.

    Jean-Baptiste Labelle

    1. The next version ( does have an option to disable the contact images on the medium Live Tile and the default image won’t be shown if the contact doesn’t have an image. The new version is currently waiting for certification to the store. The french localization should be better and the italian translation should be extremly better in the new version.

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