Birthday Hub for Windows 10: Phone Screenshots

BETA Version

Here are some screenshots of Birthday Hub’s mobile version.
Click on the screenshots to enlarge.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Hub for Windows 10: Phone Screenshots

  1. Hello i like your Birthday App but i Hope You Can fix or add two more things.

    1. If You choose “sonstiges” as special das it would ne nice if we get a field to enter what is so special on this day like “Jahrestag” or something like this

    2. The live tile is not working correctly on my lumia 1520 only after i open the app he show the correct days in The live tile.

    1. Hi Balder, no. 1 is planed but i can’t promise if it will find it’s way to the first release of the W10 Universal version.

      No. 2: The W10 version is nearly complete rewritten, the live tiles as well. The issue should be fixed in the new version.

      If you would like to join the beta program for testing it you can send me an email to my support email address which is on the about page of the app and i will give you further informations.

      You can write in german if you like.

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