Birthday Hub is No. 1 in top paid apps

The weather is nice and it’s a great day for Birthday Hub. The app is the no. 1 app of all paid apps in the german Windows Phone Store 😀 What a great start into the weekend.

Thanks to all users of my app.

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4 thoughts on “Birthday Hub is No. 1 in top paid apps

  1. Hi, I have a question….
    Some time ago I downloaded your application, but when the phone broke and I bought another, updating data and applications, birthday hub did not install. Moreover I can not even access the data backup. Takes me back “error 80004005”. I hope to receive your reply as soon as possible to solve this problem. Best regards

      1. Sorry, but i don’t have a solution for this issue. It seems to be a Windows Store, a Windows Account or a hardware problem. If you can’t install any apps from the store you could ask your question in the Windows Store forum. Or you could try to find a solution with bing or google.

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