Birthday Hub with transparent Live Tile is rolling out to the Windows Phone Store

Version is certified for the Windows Phone Store. The new version does have a transparent Live Tile in Windows Phone 8.1 and it does also have some optimizations for HD screens.

To add the transparent Live Tile was not so easy as i thought but now it works and looks pretty well, i think. A special thanks goes to Hubert for testing and the following screenshots and to Stefan for a really good tip how to add transparency to a dynamic Live Tile.

The Live Tile transparency is a great feature, what i asked for myself and i’m shure that it will bring Windows Phone to the top of the smartphone operating systems because i think that people want to have their own style on the homescreen. I really like it and i’m viewing for a new smartphone now because i’m currently using a WP 7.5 Phone which does still make a good job but it’s outdated now because it can’t run WP 8.1. I’m a little sad of it.

The new version should be available to download in the next 2 hours. Please take a look at the version number, it should be If it isn’t available now, please try it again later.

And here are the amazing screenshots by Hubert:
wp_ss_20140430_0007wp_ss_20140430_0008Download Birthday Hub now

I hope you will like this big update and i wish you big fun with your Windows Phone and with the customization of your own Windows Phone 8.1.


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