Birthday Hub: Version 2.8 is published to the Windows Phone Marketplace

Birthday Hub 2.8 has successfully passed certification for the Windows Phone Store.

This version does support notifications via the notification center “Unification”. Thanks to devs of Unification for their great notification center.

First of all: It is still BETA because it is only tested by a small group of BETA testers. If you want to rate and review Birthday Hub in the Windows Phone Store please do not refer to this feature if anything doesn’t work. If there are any issues please send me an email over the About page of Birthday Hub or write a comment to this post.

How does it work? If you want to use this new feature which is disabled by default in Birthday Hub, you have to enable it on the settings page of Birthday Hub. You also need the App “Unification” on your phone or on your Windows 8 PC or on both of them.

Connect the Unification App with your Windows Live ID which is used on your Windows Phone. And do not disable the background agent of Birthday Hub.

If you have done it the background agent of Birthday Hub will send a message to Unification if a birthday is on the day. The Unification Server will send the messages from Birthday Hub to all your Unification Apps which are connected with the same Windows Live ID. The Windows 8 Unification App maybe needs a manual sync.

If you want to add some enries for testing to Birthday Hub please give the background agent about 30 minutes after you did exit the app. It will only send one message if nothing has changed. So if you want to make another test on the same day you have to add a new test entry.

You can find the app “Unification” in the Windows Phone Store and in the Windows 8 Store by surching for “unification”.

I hope you like it.

Download now


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