What’s new in the Mango Version

*** Please backup your database before updating to v2.0 ***

New in the Mango Version

Hidden fields
All entry fields do have a new Toggle Switch. If this switch is set to on Cryp2pass will hide the field value in the entry view page. If you want to see the value you can make a stretch gesture, if you want to hide it again you can make a pinch gesture. This gestures will show or hide all fields with the “hide value switch” set to on for the current selected entry. You can make the gestures somewhere on the black screen area of an entry, it is not necessary to make the gestures directly on a hidden field.

For a maximum of security there is a Toggle Switch in the general settings of Cryp2pass for auto hiding the hidden fields. If this switch is set to on (default) you do not need to make a pinch gesture to hide a field again. After ending a stretch gesture the field values will be hidden again by itself.

I have added this new feature bacause Mango will make a screenshot for the task manager if you switch to another app. At the moment there is no possibility for developers to manipulate the screenshot of there own app.

Please verify your existing entries and edit there “Hide Fieldvalue switch” if necessary.

Copy and Paste for all fields
Nearly all fields on the view page of your entries now have a new copy feature. Tap a field and hold it until the new copy menu is comming up and then tap on copy. You do not need to unhide hidden fields to copy them, Cryp2pass does copy the real value of a hidden field. You can add the copied value to any other app (f.e. Internet Explorer) which supports copy and paste.


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